Tuesday, July 18, 2017

2017 Terrain Race Pittsburgh Review

We decided last minute as a family to run the Terrain Race in Pittsburgh.  We ran it last year and it was fun, and not too difficult, so we decided to do it for fun again.  This time my daughter got to run it with us.  She had just turned 7 three weeks before the race, and participants must be 7 to run the 5k.  She was pretty excited.  

(signing her waiver)

We only paid $20 per entry for the 12:30 heat, so it was hard to pass up!  We had a few friends and their kids run with us, so we were entertained and we had fun!  As usual, we were corralled in the the pool, awaiting the start of our heat.     

We took off and were running up a hill through the woods on a muddy trail.  

It wasn't long before we were going through thick mud and murky water crossings.  

Obstacles included some very muddy walls, a tall roped wall, a water crossing and a cargo net.

I took my Olympus Tough camera with me and was able to capture of a lot photos during the race.  We were just running or walking or whatever we felt like doing.  I even stopped to take a selfie or two.  It was all about having a good time!

Up next was more mud and more running/walking, followed by a cargo net and some tire flipping.  The cargo net was your typical height, but those tires were not typical.  Good lord were they heavy!  I REALLY like lifting heavy stuff too, and they were the heaviest tire I've ever flipped.  (twice down and back)

Next we were headed in to the mine (don't worry, it shut down).  I've been in the mine before for other events (some which still haunt me) so I knew it would be chilly and dark.  They had this fun floor hockey type station set up where you hit a small tire with a sledge hammer until you reach the line and then return it back to the start.  It was far more fun than I expected.  I thought it would be silly, but it was fun!

As we exited the tunnel (we were only in a short time) we had another wall to climb and then a rope double tire carry.  (it wasn't heavy)

My husband is awesome and he carried Emma during this event.  She couldn't quite lift these. 

We walked through more mud and water and made our way to another cargo type net, but the set up was different.  It was more like a box, up one side, over the top and down the other side.

Like mother, like daughter.

More water crossings, some uphill terrain (nothing terribly hard) and then a bucket carry and rope climb.  My daughter was so excited for the rope climb.  The bucket carry wasn't as heavy as they are at a Spartan race, and the distance was laughable, but it made it fun.  We never pushed ourselves physically.  

I mean how silly is this pose?  I could never have done that a Spartan race!

I remember looking at my watch and thinking, it has to be over soon because we were close to 3 miles.  Then we came upon the wreck bag carry.  They were maybe 30 or so lbs.  I just know it felt really light.  Of course for my 50 lb. 7 year old, it was heavy.

She split this obstacle with a buddy.  

The next thing I know we're up the last little hill, over a short wall and then comes the harder obstacles in the 5k event.  (the 10k had a few more obstacles than the 5k)

The rig was before us and it didn't look easy.  I watched my husband fly through it, so I thought I may be able to do this.  I have decent grip strength but the hand holds were not what I'm good at.  I stepped up on the platform and attempted twice in the same line.  The hand holds were round balls, a handle, a ring, some more round balls etc.  I fell 3 or 4 holds in both times.  I was mad.

A friend of mine suggested I try a different lane so I moved to the side of the rig that didn't have a platform to stand on.  She offered me her bent knee and I used it to jump up and grab the first handhold.  This time, there more handles and less of the smaller balls to grab on too.  However, there was larger ball, which required both hands to grip it.  Somehow, I made it to the pipe with long rings for your feet.  Like an idiot, I didn't put my feet in them (which would have allowed me to rest my arms some) but I worked my way down the poll, entangling myself in rings and ropes, but I made it!

Well, boy was I happy that I made that obstacle.  The rig is hit or miss for me.  Up next was the monkey bars over water.  They ascended slightly to a middle wooden beam that you had to blindly reach under to grab the bar on the other side of it.  It was awkward, but I made it.  I think I've only ever failed the monkey bars once and it was my first time doing them.  (and I was a few bars from the end, just needed better grip strength)

My husband put my daughter on his back, but unfortunately the 50+lb. load was too much for him.  He lost his grip and down the both went.

The very last obstacle was a balance beam walkway to the cargo net and platform where you slide down a pole to the finish.  

And that was it!  This race was a fun, family 5k OCR that everyone can do.  Even if you can't complete an obstacle, there are no penalties, you just don't do it.  We all crossed the finish and got our water and t-shirt.  

Overall, I would recommend this race because it's inexpensive and relatively easy, great for first timers!  My daughter loved it and we had a great time as a family.

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