Wednesday, December 27, 2017

GORUCK GR3 Review First Look

This is our first look at the GORUCK GR3.  

The pre-order for the GR3 came out at the perfect time for me, I was looking for a little bit bigger pack for traveling.  I was looking at the 40L GR2 but I figured 5 more liters would be nice, and I like the idea of one large pocket.

Because I would be using it for travel, I went with the slick pack.  So I didn't get the front MOLLE webbing or the side handles.

Because I purchased it as part of the GORUCK Workshop pre-order, it came with the GR3 First Run Label inside.

GORUCK GR3 First Run

When ordering I also chose to get the GR3 Tough bag.  So in the box I received the following:

GR3 Ruck
GR3 Hip Strap (Included with the GR3)
GR3 Tough Bag
Sternum Strap
GR3 Leather Patch
GORUCK Sticker


As mentioned before I chose the slick option with no Front MOLLE Webbing.


The front slant pocket is quite large, like all the other GORUCK packs it goes to the bottom of the bag.

I also chose to not get the side handles.

GORUCK GR3 Compression Straps

Both sides have the compression straps.  All straps have a small loop to retain the extra strap.

The compression straps connect over the zipper, meaning that if you want to zip your ruck open you must disconnect the straps.  This allows them to pull the front of the ruck down, and allows the compression straps to do their job.


The top of the ruck has a standard carry handle that is on many of the GORUCK packs.


The shoulder straps are also pretty standard if you are familiar with other GORUCK packs.

GORUCK GR3 Laptop Pocket

The GR3 also has the same laptop pocket design as the GR1 and GR2.  With the size of the pack, the pocket is very large.

The GR3 also comes with a removable integrated padded hip belt.


In the center of the belt there is a section of velcro.


To attach it you simply slide it through the velcro hooks.  It is very secure and isn't going anywhere.


On the bottom of the ruck there are two large MOLLE strips for connecting the GR3 tough bag, or what ever else you might want to attach to the bottom of your ruck.

GORUCK GR3 Tough Bag

The GR3 Tough Bag is not labeled with GR3.

The bag has a velcro location in between 2 MOLLE loops.

GORUCK GR3 Tough Bag

What really makes the GR3 Tough Bag different is the compression straps.  They work great to compress the bag down.

GORUCK GR3 with Tough Bag

They also allow for the bag to connect to the bottom MOLLE on the GR3.  This is great for a sleeping bag, or to carry your dirty clothes or shoes separately.


On the front panel of the pack on the inside there are 3 pockets; top solid pocket, a center mesh pocket, and a bottom mesh pocket.


Internally in the pack, the entire back is covered in velcro, and there are two rows of MOLLE Webbing.

This would work well with the velcro firearms gear, or the velcro field pockets.


Or you can use it as a mobile patch board and carry them everywhere with you.


At the top of the back panel there is a D ring for connecting a bladder or what ever else you may want to connect.  There is also a velcro port at the top of the ruck for a hydration hose.


Here are some images of the GR3 beside a few other rucks.

GR3 and GR1 26L


GR3 and 25L Rucker


GR3 and GR2 34L

GORUCK GR3 VS 10L Bullet

GR3 and 10L Bullet

GORUCK GR3 Comparison

GR2 34L
GR1 26L

GORUCK GR3 Comparison

GR3, GR2 34L, and GR1 26L

Update 2/15/2018

Time to take the GR3 on its first real trip.

I am taking it to Haiti with me as my only Travel bag / Carry on.

To see more about the trip see Run Across Haiti.

First of all, it is amazing how much stuff you can fit in the GR3.  The one large pocket makes it perfect for packing it full.

The side compression straps also work great for holding a small bag that I can easily break away when stowing the GR3 in the overhead bins.

The GR3 fits perfect in the overhead bins.  It is almost like it was designed for travel, well done GORUCK.

It also fits perfectly in the carry-on measurement chart at the gates.

The GR3 worked perfectly throughout my Run Across Haiti.  It spent a week with me hauling all of my gear.  

It was a rough week for it, being sandwiched in piles of gear on an old bus and spending a lot of time in the back of trucks.  It is now pretty dirty and just starting to get broken in.  On to the next adventure!

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Saturday, November 11, 2017

SPI Belt Large Pocket Review

SPI Belt makes several different versions.  I went with their Large Pocket so it would fit my phone with the Life Proof Case on it.

They are pretty simple and that is what I was looking for.

Spi Belt Large Pocket with Pixel 2 and LifeProof Case

With nothing in it the pocket is the same thickness as the belt.  The belt is elastic and is very comfortable and adjustable.  The buckle is very secure, and is easy to connect and detach.

Spi Belt Large Pocket with Pixel 2 and LifeProof Case

The rear of the pocket folds up to help compress the pocket when it is empty.

Spi Belt Large Pocket with Pixel 2 and LifeProof Case

They have multiple colors, with different zipper and pocket combinations.  The zipper works very well, and the over all construction is very good.

Spi Belt Large Pocket with Pixel 2 and LifeProof Case

Even with my life proof case on, the pocket stretches to accommodate my phone.  The material stretches around the phone and holds it snugly.  

Spi Belt Large Pocket with Pixel 2 and LifeProof Case

When running with the belt it holds my phone in place and it doesn't bounce around.  For me it works best on my back while running.  It is also easy to spin it around to the front while running to get my phone out.

I also tried out one of their SPI H2O Companions.  It is made very well and has a clip that connects to the belt.  The only problem that I had is that it bounces too much for me.  When the water bottle is full it bounced a lot while running.

I love the belt, but I am not a huge fan of the H2O Companion.  It just bounced too much for me.  I plan on using the belt for all my shorter runs that I don't need water.  It would also work great while traveling to hold a passport or money.  It is easy to forget that you are wearing the belt, because it is so comfortable.

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Thursday, November 9, 2017

2017 EQT 10 Miler Race Review

The EQT 10 Miler started at Station Square Pittsburgh, PA.  On the drive down it was raining pretty hard, but as we got closer to Station Square the rain had stopped.

Parking for the race was $3 at Station Square.  Parking was not far from the start line, on the road beside Station Square.

After a few minutes the race started.

The race started down West Carson Street.

Then looped down through the edge of West End, then across the West End Bridge.

From the bridge, there was a great view of Pittsburgh, even with the rain and overcast skies.

Next we turned left on Beaver Ave, under 19 to Chateau Street, and then onto Western Ave.

We then hit the first water station,where they had water and Gatorade.  They had aid stations about every 2 miles.  They were well staffed with volunteers, so there was no need to slow down and wait.

We crossed over to Ridge Ave and turned right onto West Commons after St. Peter's Parish.

After going down past the Children's Museum, we saw the relay exchange point.  (Splitting the race in half with a relay partner was an option for this race.)  This was a good bit before the 5 mile mark, so I think the first half of the relay got the shorter distance.  

Next we went across the Rachel Carson Bridge, onto Fort Duquesne Blvd, made a U-turn, then back across the bridge.

After going under the Parkway North we headed over and across the David McCullough Bridge.

Next we headed down Penn Ave for around a mile and made a loop around the block.

We ended up on Liberty Ave for about 2 miles back to the finish.

The city could be seen off in the distance, and it slowly got closer.

After getting under I-579 we made our final turn into the city.

All that was left was a short run down through the city and you could see the finish line.

The finish line was in the middle of town.

After crossing the finish line it started to rain pretty hard, so it was nice that they were handing out blankets.  They also had Panera bagels, water, bananas, and chips.  The normal after race snacks.

After the race they had school buses to take us back to the parking at the start location.  This was great because at this point it was raining pretty hard.

The race was great, and well organized.  We received long sleeve tech shirts, a medal, and some other goodies.

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